CTT is proud to offer transmission tuning for your Allison 5 and 6 speed equipped Duramaxes! Our transmission tuning will allow for the torque converter to be applied in second gear (while in tow haul-request otherwise if you want it for more than just tow haul). This is good for knocking off close to at least .05 off your track times! No more lock up boxes needed, we handle it all by a simple flash!

Transmission tuning can address a number of different issues seen on modified applications…from oversized tires, gear ratio changes, built trans shifting problems, large single turbo setups…to full blown sled or drag applications that need full control over the shift strategy and converter lockup strategy.  

A40: Converter lockup in second, shifts modified, WOT shift modified, Torque limit killed to go past 3200 rpms