Cummins,Duramax & Ford CSP/DSP/SOTF Switch Mounting Bracket




We now offer black plastic mounting brackets for our switches.

No need to drill a hole in your dashboard in order to mount a switch.

These convenient brackets come in four flavors:

Cummins (2006-2018)

Duramax (LB7, LLY, LMM/LBZ)

Ford (1999-2016)

Ford (2017-2019).

Please note: 3rd gen Cummins require modifying the lower dash panel.

Unfortunately, we do not have one for the LMLs however we have heard that some people us the Ford 17-19 and modify it for the LML’s.



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2006-21 Cummins, 2001-09 Duramax, 1999-16 Powerstroke, 2017-21 Powerstroke