1994-98 Billet Gear Case Cover (Large Hole)


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Billet Gear Case Cover Fits Cummins engine production years from 1994-1998
Can be ordered with a large Pump gear access cover allowing the removal of a Bosch P
7100 pump drive gear without removing the dampner or compromising the integrity of
the front crankshaft oil seal. Small pump cover versions allow complete access to
fasteners on most injection pump adjustable timing gears. The high strength gear case
cover has a doubled drilled mounting pattern allowing the use of a waterman or enderlee
mechanical fuel transfer pump. Pump and pump mounting hardware are not included.
Simply install the provided billet cover, o-ring and provided hardware if using an
alternative fuel supply source. The low profile of this billet gear case cover allows the
use of most serpentine belt configurations without any modifications or interface.
Stainless steel mounting hardware is included. This cover requires purchase, use and
installation of a factory Cummins seal and gasket not provided.