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7.3L FORD POWERSTROKE (MY1999-MY2003) OEM Part # 702011-0011 Garrett GTP38


Key Features• Turbo components are derusted and/or washed, inspected and reworked/repaired for reuse.• Journal and thrust bearings are replaced 100 percent in line with the OE reman product currently offered.• All turbos are fitted with a new or tested reman hydraulic actuator and solenoid.• Turbos are balanced using current state-of-the-art OE-level balancers. Balance corrections are based across complete speed range.• Fully-built turbos are tested at end of line to ensure quality. Typically, this will include:• Leak test checking housing integrity• Oil consumption – indicating correct bearing selection and assembly• Thermodynamic – verifies turbo performance at operating speeds• NVH measurement – verifies assembly process and blade conditions• Transient response – will verify performance of the vane module and hydraulic actuator• Heli coil or steel inserts may be used to salvage turbine housings with “stuck” bolts.

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