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Ram 1500, Jeep & Mercedes Sprinter
You will need to send you ECM in to be flashed


The ECM must be removed and sent in to be tuned. First, place the order and then print the order confirmation. Include the order confirmation in the box when sending the ECM in.


Please include the following in the checkout:
VIN (In all caps)-
Gear Ratio (Ram/Jeep Only)-
Power level requested (Stock, 20HP, 40HP or 60HP) (Additional power is N/A for Sprinter)
Limp Mode Present on Dash? Yes or No
Fluid Message Present on Dash? Yes or No

If the last two questions are “Yes”, they will need to be fixed with the ECM in the truck before it is sent in to us

Additional information

ECM Type

Ram, Jeep, Mercedes